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Soul Awakening & Strategy Retreat
for Visionary Leaders

One, two or three luxurious,

soul & leadership awakening

days for you

- to create, transform and grow. Profoundly private, face-to-face, soul-to-soul, either in Santa Monica, California, Cologne, Germany or in one of the great healing and transformative places in the world.

To refine and re-shape your business, sometimes the best thing you can do is... step away from the day-to-day of your business. Leave your desk behind. Remove yourself from the flood of demands and responsibilities, the press of urgent calls for your time, energy and attention. 


Carve out one, two or three timeless days, free of everything but your own thoughts, desires, imagination and vision - and reconnect with your body and feelings, your heart and soul and with the soul of your business.


You will be beautifully held and cared for, and - in between our mentoring sessions together - you will have time and space to wander the beach, commune with the dolphins and pelicans, breath, reflect, write and create with a spacious heart. Join me for a virtual (Or in person) 6-hour private deep-dive coaching session from anywhere in the world.

This is the perfect option for you if you are desiring a laser-focused deep dive into your business strategy, offerings, intentions, + approach to success both on the front-end of your business and behind-the-scenes,

Together, we'll unpack your current business model to discover what's working and what's not, and create the soulful strategy + aligned action to bridge the gap toward your vision for success.

Here's what we'll do

This is a private, bespoke business retreat, created exclusively for you.

Just you and me, working together, in one of the most exquisite settings in the world - Santa Monica, a place I am fortunate to call home! Or, in one of the great places in the world that holds the energies of creativity, healing and transformation.

We will spend our time doing whatever is needed and most valuable to you.

Bring you unfinished book manuscript and work steadily - for one, two or three days - with my guidance and skilled, professional support.

Bring your tired, burned-out body, your business dilemmas and frustrations, your sorrows from the past year. Let's work together to heal, release, transform and clear the path for a more joyous, soul-aligned, successful future.

Bring your dream - to speak onstage, to inspire thousands of women, to see your products sold in stores nationwide - and leave with a radiant plan to bring your vision into reality.

We will discuss your goals and intentions before your retreat begins so that once you have arrived, we can dive right in!

Where you will stay

Your retreat will take place in Santa Monica - at the Hotel Casa Del Mar - a five star hotel in the Mediterranean style. I also travel regularly to Europe, so if you prefer to retreat with me while I am there, we can arrange to meet there in one of the beautiful places that hold centuries-old traditions of healing and magic.

We will work, create, explore and play together from 9.30 or 10.00 am to 4 or 5 pm each day. We will keep things loose, and follow the flow of your energy and desires. This is your time, and you will choose the shifting rhythms of work, creative play and rest that feel best for you, each day. After our world for the day is complete, you will return to your luxurious residence. This might be an elegant room at the Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, the Hotel Ernst Excelsior in Cologne, or an opulent, private vacation home with nature or exciting city-life energy at your doorstep. I will choose the best available option for you, based on what I know of you, and my inner sense of where you will feel most beautifully comfortable and held.

What's for lunch?

Lunch is included with your retreat. And, since food is an expression of love and pleasure, it will be delicious, nourishing, and created with love..

Before you arrive here for your retreat, I will be in touch with you to understand your dietary preferences. So, if you have food sensitivities or special requests, please let me know.

And breakfast and dinner?

You will have time to yourself at the beginning and the end of each day, so you will be by yourself and end of each day for breakfast and dinner. Time to relax, and integrate. Opt for room service, for a truly private experience, or dine in one of your hotel's finest restaurants. Explore some of the great food available in Santa Monica, Cologne or other places, we will meet. Once we have determined where we will meet for our retreat, I will send you a list of restaurants in the area, and help you select ones with menus that both nourish and delight your senses. 

  • Make big + small decisions about the direction of your business so that you can feel free, fulfilled, + in flow

  • Eliminate any overwhelm, stuck-ness, or stress you may be experiencing

  • Balance out the masculine structures in your business + hone in on the feminine flow of your soul's mission + purpose for greater ease + impact

  • Clarify anything that feels uncertain, confusing, inefficient, or out of alignment

  • Power-up your branding + shift your marketing efforts to speak directly to the hearts of those you serve

Here's what you'll walk away with:

  • A clear, focused, + inspired plan of action to move you forward

  • A more profitable + pleasurable business plan

  • Insight into how to lead your business + life in a way that feels more like YOU and less like what you think you should be doing

  • Greater energy, motivation, + momentum to take action and create the results you deeply crave

Please apply for a FREE CEO GODDESSS CONSULT if you are interested in working with me

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