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The Hidden Reason Why You're Not Further Along With Your Mission

Holy Fempower

Sister, if you keep blocking your success and your calling, you’ll never have the global impact and significance you truly want. And you even have no idea what the real block is.

Imagine if you release this block, heal and unleash your holy femme power as you manifest limitless sovereignty, success and financial prosperity, liberating yourself forever from social, familial constructions and patriarchal power systems that are harming Grandmother Earth and ALL her children.

It’s time for deep soul, power & money healing for women. It’s time for any woman (and bold man), who is done with fear, anxiety, trauma, power-struggle, silence, shame, isolation, self-betray, playing safe, and disowning her power.

This is it. Now is the pivotal time to make a sacred vow to live from your deep, unwavering unbreakable and unapologetic power. Your inherit wild woman wants to be FREE.

I know you. You are driven, you are a boss girl - you get sh*t done, you are creative, you are into spirituality, energy & healing because your life wasn’t a walk in the park. My guess is that you already have quite some measure of success. But deep down you know that you just scratched the surface of what is possible for you. You are praised for your accomplishments so far, and yet you sense that you could make a real difference in this world. You find yourself more often than not in a state of fight-or-flight in your business. Most likely you already know what your mission is, but for some reason, it feels elusive. “There got to be more than this in life!”, “Why am I not further along?”, “Am I doing it right?” are thoughts that keep bugging you.

You hit a wall. You even can’t tell when it happened because you’re so smart that you got by with running on 50% for quite some time. That moment when you can’t take it anymore. You realize you’re constantly running on empty, finding yourself repeatedly in similar situations, struggling with similar challenges. You are trapped in “good girl” and people-pleasing stories, and it is taking you away from your big dreams and what you are here to do. And while all of that is going on, you don’t seem to find a way to break through the pattern of stuckness, no matter what you try. You have been looking for a solution at all the wrong places for a reason you are not aware of.

That’s because regardless of what we say we want, we have unconscious patterns that most likely are even not ours. It all began long before we were even born. That’s right. We inherited them from our ancestor's legacy. And they have much more power over what manifests in our lives than any other force. We’re are caught up in our family web. The worst part is that the very thing that holds us back is often invisible to us, keeping us frustrated and confused. Life has sent us forward with something unresolved from the past.

Your feelings of disconnection, your restlessness, your anxiety, your suffering, your burnout are actually all signs from your soul and your system which are calling you forward to heal, be in your holy femme power and thrive. You are a remarkable story if you simply understand how to see it. Every experience in your life is in service for you. It always was and it always will. You just haven’t connected the dots of all your issues, blocks and opportunities. You are flying without radar, wishing it will turn out well... somehow. Good luck with that one!

Every woman has her dark night of the soul. I had mine when I hit rock bottom in my thirties, living a life that looked perfect from the outside but was rotten from within. I wanted a better life, a happier life for my children and so I made a choice. I chose to clear out my family drama.

It literally saved my life. If I had kept following the family cycles, my three children would be motherless today, and they would unknowingly continue the unhealthy cycles, instead of living the life they deserve to have. When I began to put the dots together with the help of my spiritual mentor, EVERYTHING shifted. She laid my unconscious pattern out in front of me like a map and suddenly I was able to see the whole picture and the part I was playing in it.

I began to cry out of relief when I saw the one shift that I needed to make. This shift created a completely new path for me that flipped limiting cycles into breakthrough performance - personal and professional. I made a bold move to become who I truly am - a shamanista, an energy alchemist, entrepreneur, successful artist, and bestselling writer. I began to own my holy femme power by stepping into my magnificence. People witnessed my lightning speed transformation and felt inspired to join my heroine’s journey. I helped thousands to tap into their power, listen to their calling and manifest their deepest dreams.

You too have dreams, sister. You want so much, and you crave it deeply in your soul. Of course, you do. It’s your birthright! Why would you want to fly with the wings of a sparrow, when you have been given the wings of an eagle?

So often I hear from clients that I saved their lives and businesses. Well, I know that we are each other’s savior and what my mission is. I can show you the exact steps you need to take in order to break the limiting cycles that keep you stuck because I can see the hidden loyalties and entanglements with your ancestors that keep you in chains in a way too small life.

Enter a new reality - one that you never allowed yourself to receive because you’ve been trapped in lifetimes of shame, punishment and self-worth themes. Heal and rise up into a new paradigm of love and prosperity, rather than staying stuck in a system that promotes fear, hate, and greed.

You’ll never be the same when you remember who you are and reclaim the forgotten, lost and disowned parts of your limitless soul.

You don’t want to wake up in ten or twenty years, feeling all the regret about not having lived your true calling, not having been able to take generously care of your loved ones, and having made the lasting impact you know would have changed the world because you downsized your dreams.

It’s about birthing a rapid holy femme healing ascension on Grandmother Earth so that we can rise collectively and change our lives and the world around us!

If you want a quantum leap you must ascend into a new energetic reality. If you want your business and your mission to be successful, you must be an energetic match for all of it.

If you like me to show you exactly why you are not further along and how to make your mission happen, send me a message, sister.

I have your back.

With love


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