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Are You Hiding In Your Business?

Are you hiding in plain sight?

When I first heard this phrase, it did not occur to me that I was doing all the strategies, the marketing, the posting as a way to hide out. My question was; how can I possibly be hiding when I speak on a webinar, share stories on Instagram, share posts on Facebook, working with clients, having interviews, co-hosting a world wide online conference with 13K participants?

The simple answer is, of course I can and so do you most likely. I have seen it with myself, I have seen it with hundreds of other women. We hide behind being busy, we hide through hustling. We hide by not being present and therefore hiding behind our body armoring. It is the protection that we created in order to be safe in the world. It is a surfival pattern. Our ego still wants to protect us and our body, because it believes that we are weak, that we are going to be attacked, or that someone is going to nail us onto the cross.

Our ego gets sneakier as we get more conscious. Getting aware of this hidden dynamic lit up some serious fire under my butt. And it is so much easier to see it in our clients than in ourselves, right? We get really good in finding the right reasons and telling ourselves convincing stories why we aren't playing bigger in our lives and our business; why we stay in our comfort zone. Yet, if we dare to let our guards down, we recognize that these stories are just excuses, disguised in nice looking word envelopes like spiritual, conscious, aware or mindful.

But sister... I ain't gonna dance around the bushes here - you can sit on your mediation cushion and chant until you're losing your lovely voice an wait for your numerology charts to be perfect, but ultimately you are making this all about YOU and depriving the world of your divine gifts the longer you stay in this place.

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