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There is a power within you that is responsive to your needs. When you make conscious contact with it, it will literally transform your life because in your true nature you are this power in expression.

Personal & Professional Alignment Coaching

Every experience in your life is in service of you and your true purose. It always was and it always will be. From a young age you have been creating your path, unconsciously planting signposts for your success. In fact, it began long before you were even born.

You are a remarkable story, if you simply understand how to see it. Start listening to the words you use and watch the actions you take around relationships, money, and careers. Often the words you speak and the actions you take began in the mouths and bodies of your ancestors.

Family Dynamics

Within a family system, lives a set of repeated patterns and hidden loyalties that go back for generations. 

The emotional DNA of relationships, careers and finances. Learn to identify these hidden patterns in family dynamics and history. How they form, why they’re limiting, what purpose they serve.

Unconscious loyalties and hidden dynamics
By examining where you came from, you may begin to notice the unconscious loyalties and hidden patterns that keep you locked into a multigenerational system. Even without a comprehensive knowledge of your past, your words, actions and patterns provide a clue to what lies behind, as well as the way forward.
Know where and how to belong
When you begin to acknowledge exactly what is without wishing for anything to change, doors begin to open. Then you begin to know where you belong, you know how to belong, and the strengths and gifts can emerge. Only then can you take your full place. Everything becomes possible.

1:1 "I AM"


A three month program for women seeking individualized business & leadership strategy session and ongoing support

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"I AM"


One, two or three luxurious days just for you - to create, transform and grow into the next phase of creating a life & business that sets you free.

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"I AM" 


A five-month group program for creative CEO's on a mission to change the world and have it pay off big time

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