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Constellation Work

“As long as our ancestors are still suffering within us, we cannot be truly happy. If we make a step with awareness …, we do this for all the past and future generations. They all arrive at the same moment we arrive and we all find peace at the same time.” ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

Generation after generation, our inherited emotional and behavioral imprints keep showing up in our lives. Unknowingly, we may carry our ancestors unresolved issues generations later. This information is encoded in our energy fields, DNA, and cellular memories, and has an affect on our health and well being; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

With Constellation Work, we will focus on integrating and healing unresolved trauma in our personal lives and from our family systems and ancestors. Unresolved emotional or physical trauma forms a residue of energy that remains locked in the energetic centers and nervous system of the body and the family system and, if not released, can result in traumatic re-enactments, unhealthy and disruptive life patterns, mental and physical illness, phobias, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, dissociation, freeze and immobility, soul fragmentation, and loss and an interruption to love and life. By setting up a systemic constellation, it becomes possible for past wrongs, hidden dynamics, conflicts, disconnections, soul loss, and entanglements to be revealed. When we resolve these old traumas, the interrupted love and life returns and flows into the family system and our children, and future generations no longer have to repeat these limiting patterns and traumatic events. A constellation can also be set up for your family system, business, abundance issues, relationships, pets, art, writing, political systems etc. Any system can be represented and be resolved.

Do you ever wonder why you still feel stuck, even though you have done years of therapy and personal work? Constellation work turns the light on and shows you what is hiding in your subconscious and energy field that is unknown or forgotten by you. Some of the unresolved trauma in your field can be coming from ancestors, past lives, prenatal, early childhood, and adult trauma. We know from quantum physics that just by observing something, we are already changing it.

Constellation work does more than that. You can resolve trauma and update your field to present time. You can correct data and information stored in your field and brain with new information, and reconsolidate memory that will go back into your long-term memory and the brain will be permanently changed.

Constellation work is a somatic trauma resolution that includes all of your bodies, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. It involves your brain and autonomic nervous system and all of the time space of your soul’s journey. Constellation work reveals that there is no box, no limitations, and complete expansiveness and integration is available to all of us. By trusting the morphogenetic field, we can heal and evolve and connect to our inner light and authentic self.

Exploring our own healing process from traumatic stress now has greater evidence as having a deleterious affect not only on ourselves and those who are affected by us, but additionally, the possibility of effecting many generations forward. Fields of study like Energy Psychology, Epigenetics, Family Constellation Work, Brainspotting, Somatic Trauma Resolution, and perhaps any trauma-healing modality, now have substantial research that supports the long-lasting potential effect of efforts in affecting and healing multi-generational trauma. There is a lot of published research that substantiates how outside environmental events can permanently imprint the information carrying genome and affect the programming of a body’s response to future events.

Constellation Work projects our inner world into three-dimensional space so that we can resolve the imprint that we are carrying and free us from the trauma and pain of our Ancestors. Remember our parents are our ancestors because they came before us.

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