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Business Constellations

Organizational & Leadership Team Development

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The history that lives inside your organization and within the executive team contains clues to your future. Taking a look at these patterns dimensionally, we get a clear picture of what’s at play. What’s working? What’s worth nurturing? What needs to be laid to rest?

Will you unconsciously repeat limiting cycles or use them consciously to mold a dynamic future? 

From here, we identify and explore elements relevant to your goals, and work with you to customize your unique solutions to create a sustainable shift. We form the new floor to create the new ceiling. 

Visionary leaders don’t have all the answers – they are simply willing to find them.

Systemically solve power struggles and conflicts at the workplace with organizational and team constellations.

Wherever people work together, interpersonal dynamics arise. Even if only individual team members do not work well together, success often fails (as can often be seen in sports). Tensions often lead to conflicts and subliminal power struggles. Mobbing and Burnout became everyday life in many places.

With a "systemic constellation" the subtle and complex interpersonal dynamics are made visible in a tangible way. With the constellation work ways become clear, how an effective and motivating co-operation in the system (between team members, high-level personnel, suppliers, customers, etc.) can be manufactured.

Create structures of success in a systemic way!

In the human and organizational development aspect of business leadership it’s incumbent on leaders to ensure that they are creating and modelling strong interpersonal relationships and building high-functioning teams throughout the business. 

Working with systemic constellations is a very effective and efficient coaching method. In contrast to other methods you can reach your goal in a much shorter time. Resources are increased. Unconscious and systemic patterns can be made visible, blockades uncovered and solved. During the constellation work you get to know your structures, connections and relationship patterns. Thus you can take a new perspective and also find new solutions for your topic.


Typical applications for business constellations are:


Human Resources

- Team and leadership structures:

-How do our team members relate to each other?

-How can we work even better together?


-Difficulties between employees among themselves and with superiors

- harassment

- High fluctuation

- Recruitment, selection of applicants, planning of new jobs Marketing and sales level

- Sales problems or development of innovative sales strategies

Product and service range:

-How does the range of products and services affect our customers?

-How can we further develop our range in a meaningful and future-oriented way?


Relationships with customers and stakeholders:


-How do (potential) customers, donors and other stakeholders perceive our company or    project?

-How do they want to be addressed?

-Management and organizational level

- Revealing and reflecting on real power and influence relationships

- Decision making

- Clarification of complex operational issues

- Restructuring of a company or individual units

- Succession regulation

- Development of business ideas



-Questions on the development and further development of business models and ideas or business cases

-Overcoming barriers

-Discover unknown resources and business partners



The process of a business constellation:

1. discussion of your individual problems

2. determination of the objective of the inventory

3. interviewing the representatives

4. development and anchoring of the solution picture

5. measures for sustainable security - e.g. follow-up telephone calls


Your advantage

- Many, mostly new, findings in the shortest time (a few hours instead of days/weeks).

- Extremely effective and efficient, therefore very cost-effective.

- Focus on the essentials, on the "actual" topics.

- All-partisan solutions for companies, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, ...

- Protected atmosphere, no internal unrest.

- Insight into the integral systemic approach



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