Beautiful Divine Woman,

I know there is only one thing that stands between you and your greatness, your magnificence. You don't find it in the next ten books that you read, or enrolling in the next 10 online courses. I happens when you own who you truly are, when you understand that you don't have to fly with the wings of a sparrow when God has given you the mighty power of an eagle to fly!

You are ready to overcome all blocks to abundance, clearing your old money-drama stories, transforming your self image and step into your Divine inheritance, your unlimited power. You are REALLY done with under earning, trading your time for money. You are ready to step fully into your Divine calling and get paid extremely well for it. You are definitely over playing small, being content with what you've got. You are more than up to receive Divine compensation (yes, I am talking about money here, because money is a spiritual essence as everything else is) for the amazing work you do that makes a huge difference in the world.

I believe you can be spiritual and rich, empowered and fully alive as you lead and share your amazing gifts with the world.

Bonjour, I am Nicole and I am your kiss-ass prosperity & money coach, business strategist and spiritual mentor and healer. My mission is to inspire a movement of empowered rich femmepreneurs through conscious business, soulful strategy and loving sisterhood. And you are invited to be a part of this movement.

Women all over the world are already stepping more fully in their Divine power and changing the world. Yet many of us still struggle with (mostly well hidden) shame, lack and isolation. And it is this struggle that lights a fire under my butt and fuels everything that I do here at Nicole Gangloff InanaMoneyFlow. We need more sisters to rise into their riches to manifest the global shifts the world needs. We need you. As each woman rises, we light the flame in each other.

Women are born leaders. And to step into your powerful leadership, you need to shift your relationship with money.

You are a powerfully creative soul and so is your business and leadership. It emerges from your heart but it has it's own genius and purpose. When you create the world of your business & leadership in partnership with its soul and yours, you enter a field of profound growth and miracles.


Your business & leadership becomes a beacon of light, clarity and joy, irresistible for clients, customers and partners who love what you do and say a fervent Yes to all that you offer. In serving their truest desires and the unfolding of their souls, you'll help to shape a world of love, abundance and freedom for everyone. The world needs what only you have to offer. 


We need your voice. We need your power. We need your uniqueness. Create a life and business that plays to your strengths, feeds your ambition and enables you to live the larger life that is calling you. You don't need to sacrifice or suppress your authenticity, your voice, nor do you need to hustle, compete with other women and compare yourself with women who seem to "be better". I believe that the world will be set free by women who are free, owning their voice and being part of a true sisterhood.

Know Your Worth

When you are stuck in the hustle, it can be hard to remember exactly what makes your leadership and your business brilliant. Remember the principles of Less Is More and Celebrate Your Magic. Don't try to be all things to all people. Avoid getting sucked into that demoralizing vortex of comparison, competing on price or undervaluing your own skills, and losing sight of those things you are uniquely doing well. 
You are brilliant in who you are, in what you do, but none of us can do it all by ourselves.