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Hello, I am Nicole Gangloff 

I work with driven CEO's and leaders, who are stuck, feeling exhausted and isolated. I help them to make powerful shifts in their lives and organizations using systemic coaching and constellations.

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Some Praise...

Before working with Nicole, my pricing averaged $3.000 or less for the opportunity to work with me. After having a VIP Day with Nicole on Maui in a luxury hotel at the beach and the subsequent follow up support, my prices more than doubled to $8.000 for my programs. Within 90 days of the VIP Day I signed up 4 clients at that price point. Two of them even paid in FULL! I was shocked!

Working with Nicole at that level has been a game changer for my business and ultimately for my life. I now see unlimited possibilities for what I can create in income and have fun doing it! I am forever grateful for that day and for the new surprising and wonderful direction my life has taken.

Charlene Hiebert, CEO & Business Coach for Women Bookkeepers

spontaneously decided to book a VIP-Day with Nicole in Cologne, Germany.


So why go through a coaching process of several weeks with homework again and again and adjust the concept in many iterations (this is how I have done it so far), even if it takes three quarters of a day and at the end of the day I have the feeling that I have really hit the nail on the head and got clarity about the next steps.

Do I really have to mention that I will be accompanied by Nicole again in the implementation of these steps?

Harald Fuchs, Live Coach 

You Weren't Put On This Earth To Play Small

Do you ever feel you are capable of so much more, but something is holding you back, not matter what you try? The answer lives in your emotional DNA, the inherited behaviors and habits that lead to limiting experiences of health, wellness and success in your life.

When you break the limiting cycles and embrace your greatest strengths, you manifest the life you truly want.


Nicole is a highly regarded organizational, individual and family pattern expert, systemic coach, trainer, facilitator, thought leader, speaker, bestselling author, co-organizer of the 1st online conference "Awaken To Love" and a mother of three. 


She is a 20 years expterise in assisting leaders to break limiting cycles and reframe challenges into lasting breakthroughs and peak performance.  Passionate about visionary, sustainable leadership and positive accelerated, global change.

Nicole uses her ability to recognize the uniqueness and talents, and see the bigger picture to create growth, success and meaning for her clients. She has a deep understanding of critical dynamics in organizational and personal systems and the points at which they intersect.


She thrives on collaborations with decision makers to implement innovative whole systems design elements, ensuring balance, taste for excellence, passion and sustained success.



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